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An evolution in light. An effortless performance. HMI STUDIO makes its debut..

OSRAM introduces HMI STUDIO, a metal halide lamp series that provides a warm tungsten color temperature in fixtures.

Radium ITT

Radium Ralotherm

Modern industrial processes like 3D-printers or paper manufacturing need heat - not just heat, but targeted heat radiation, which is emitted within the required spectral range and causes the least possible losses.​ Due to employing highly transmissible quartz glass tubes, Ralotherm infrared lamps offer optimised infrared radiation (z.B. IR-A) for your application. They convince further by their small dimensions as well as simple use at minimal stress on materials, minimal maintenance requirements and long service life.

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Philips halogen lamps BAN

For several years now we have witnessed a gradual abandonment of inefficient and high-consumption electrical devices. Among these there are also lighting devices; in fact, traditional halogen lamps will gradually be withdrawn from the European market. Changes in EU lighting legislation are being implemented gradually, which means that various energy-saving alternatives are already available on the market.

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